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      Kansei Wheels Hub Centric Rings are the perfect way to finish your new wheel installation. These hub rings ensure a perfectly smooth, vibration free ride.

      • High quality plastic polycarbonate construction
      • Sturdy Construction
      • Application Specific fitment
      • Easy Installation

      What are hub-centric rings for?
      Most aftermarket wheels have a large center hub diameter so the wheels will fit a variety of different vehicles. The hub-centric rings are made to fill the gap between the wheel and the vehicles hub to ensure the wheel is perfectly centered. This not only makes installation of your new wheels much easier but will also help eliminate any vibrations you may encounter.

      How do I know which hub ring to choose?
      Hub rings are sized by using two different numbers that are measured in millimetres. The first number such as 73.1 is the diameter of the center bore on the wheel and is the outside diameter of the hub ring. The second number such as 66.5 is the diameter of the hub on your vehicle and is the inside diameter of the hub ring.

      What is the size I need?

      • Size 1 - 56.1 ID to 73.1 OD
      • Size 2 - 64.1 ID to 72.56 OD
      • Size 3 - 64.1 ID to 73.1 OD
      • Size 4 - 66.1 ID to 73.1 OD

      What's Included?
      Four (4) Hub Centric Rings of your choice.

      Not sure exactly what size hub rings you need? Email & we can help you find the right size you need.


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